Technolas® 217A



The Eye Center is a fully-equipped examination and treatment center, furnished with extensive, state of the art equipment and Laser machines including; Biomicroscopes, Arpon-Krypton Laser, Excimer Laser, YAG Laser and etc.

The Eye Center comprises of:

  • Seven examination rooms: Each examination room is fully equipped with state-of-the-art opthalmic equipment.

  • Two optometry rooms for refraction and contact lens fitting.

  • Screening room for assessment of visual acuity and performing autorefraction

  • Minor surgery room for minor surgical procedures such as a entropion, ectropion, chalazion, pterygium, etc.

  • Refractive surgery operating room: The Laser equipment available at The Eye Center is the Keracor 117C Excimer Laser for the correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

  • Laser room has YAG laser and HGM spectra K-5 Yellow-Red Green Retinal Opthalmic Laser.

  • Argon Laser: Focal laser and PRP for diabetic retinopathy, as well as photocoagulation for retinal tears.

  • Photodynamic Therapy: This is the first unit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The unit treats subretinal choroidal
    neovacular membrane.

  • Photography: It contains a Digital Topcon camera for Flourescein angiography, colored photography and indocyanine green(ICG).

  • Corneal Topography for LASIK investigation and diagnosing corneal irregularity and keratoconus.

  • Visual Field: Humphrey Visual Field machine can make the visual field of patients suffering from glaucoma to assess the optic nerve in addition it can perform B.Y visual fields.

  • Ultrasonography: Ultrasonography machine provide the calculattion of the power of the intraocular lens and screening or retina and optic nerve and vitreous of the eye.

  • Ocular microbiology and cytology laboratory and research facility.