Due to the lack of public education in the field of Ophthalmology, which led to the spreading of ophthalmic diseases in the Arab World, the center is committed to provide this service to the public in a simple scientific form. The center has assigned this mission to a group of the best consultants and researchers in this field.

Dr. Tabbara was one of the pioneers who established Ophthalmology services in Saudi Arabia. He established the Research Department of King Khalid Specialized Eye Hospital. In addition, he led the team that completed the largest survey of blindness. Finally, he established The Eye Center to provide the highest medical and surgical service in Ophthalmology, and The Eye Foundation for Research in Ophthalmology to sponsor advanced medical researches.

Dr. Tabbara and the medical staff of The Eye Center contributed several researches, reports and articles on Ophthalmology. Theses contributions were submitted to and published in several local and international Ophthalmology seminars and publications.