These deal with the patients having diseases in the cornea such as corneal ulcers, inflammation of varying degrees, dystrophies, keratoconus, etc. This service is dedicated to offer both medical and surgical tretment of corneal disorders under the supervision ofProfesso:: Khalid Tabbara. Refractive surgery (LASIK) is part of this service.

Deal with the diagnosis and treatment and follow-up of glaucoma patients. Glauc Jma is a condition mostly related to the high pressure of the eye. Sunday and Wednesday are the jays dedicated to this service. Dr. Ossama AlGazzar is the glaucoma clinic consultant.

This subspecialty deals with patients suffering from intraocular inflammation of v,-rious kind. It also deals with allergic and immune related disorders. Uveitis is a severe form 0::' intraocular inflammation that may cause temporary to permanent visual impairment if not managed properly. This service ofters patients care through our Uveitis clinic on Monda:: and Tuesday. Dr. S. M. Monowarul Islam is the consultant in this subspecialty,

This subspecialty deals with the problems of children, particularly to poor vision c.nd squinting in children. Dr. Elias Jradeh is takes care of patients with a squint.

Deal with disorders in the retina resulting from diabetes, hypertension, and other disorders. Retinal services has the facilities of fluorescein angiography, tricolor argon las~r and photodynamic therapy. Dr. Hisham El-Sheikh is in charge of the retinal services. The Rctina Clinic is held in the afternoon on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday, as well as Thursday morning.